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“Tom achieves outstanding results.”

Tom achieves outstanding results. He is not afraid to go to work to get them. Highly recommended!

Craig Kuckhoff

Reno, NV

“I would highly recommend Shawn and his team.”

As the CFO for Tanamera Construction, LLC, a local general contractor, and also having personally been involved in dozens of real estate development and construction projects over the past 15 years, it has been my pleasure to have worked closely with Shawn Oliphant and the team at Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman, L.L.P. Shawn is extremely knowledgeable in a broad range of matters related to the real estate industry and has provided excellent counsel to us on a variety of matters over the past decade. He has represented us in areas including general contract terms, easements, entitlements, lien laws, construction defect claims, and a number of other matters over the years. He is extremely responsive to our needs and I have found his approach to representing us to be very practical and without wasted effort. I would highly recommend Shawn and his team. Brett Seabert, CFO Tanamera Construction, LLC



“An outstanding criminal attorney.”

Suspected of wrong-doing, at risk for being charged, and with a subsequent strong recommendation from a friend, I met with and retained Thomas Viloria to represent me. His extensive background as a criminal defense lawyer, preceded by a record of distinguished service as a prosecutor assigned to major cases in the office of the county district attorney, initially gave me confidence that I had made a good choice.

In the course of our professional relationship I found Mr. Viloria to be knowledgeable in the laws and procedures applicable to my case. Numerous times during the many months that followed, Mr. Viloria met and effectively spoke with me and others (on my behalf), advising me and reporting developments, and (together with his able staff) preparing and transmitting vital documents promptly. Although Mr. Viloria and I were formerly unacquainted, and despite his perpetually busy schedule, it soon became apparent that Mr. Viloria’s interest in me and my case was sincere. When advisable, he referred me to competent professionals in other fields who proved to be most helpful. As we worked on my case, he repeatedly showed concern for the anxiety and stress that accompanied my situation by his responsiveness and warm, down-to-earth manner.

I came to appreciate that I had placed myself in the hands of a highly intelligent, quick-thinking, articulate and self-confident advocate, known and respected in the legal community. Mr. Viloria’s expertise, dedication, perseverance, determination, enormous energy and hard work contributed immensely to the eventual positive outcome in the case. I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have met and engaged this consummate professional who demonstrated, throughout the duration, his resourcefulness, patience, thoughtful sensitivity, humor, interpersonal “people” skills and multiple talents in his service to me. I am happy to provide this unconditional and enthusiastic recommendation of Thomas Viloria, a truly accomplished counselor and gentleman and his awesome team.

Former Client

“One of Reno’s best attorneys!”

I retained the services of Nathan Aman to navigate through a challenging business closure. Mr. Aman was directly responsible for negotiating with a very difficult business partner; he worked well with others through the entire process and successfully gained control of my former company by placing the company in receivership settling all matters successfully. Mr. Aman and his team handled all aspects of this matter with a high degree of professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend Nathan Aman and the entire Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman, L.L.P. firm.

Former Client

“I will be recommending her highly to anyone, I know, that needs an excellent Attorney”

I cannot say enough about what Stephanie Funk has done for me. She is extremely competent and smart but also compassionate. She dealt with my crazy case intelligently and efficiently. She never skipped a beat. I’ve never felt so much that someone was on my side and would do whatever it took to help me through. She negotiated a great outcome for me and I will be recommending her highly to anyone, I know, that needs an excellent Attorney. Thanks Stephanie!


Reno, NV

“Achieved the best possible result for me, and my life and career are again intact.”

If you are charged with a crime, hiring the right criminal defense attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. I know this from personal experience. Having Tom Viloria represent me was the best decision I ever made. When I was charged with a serious crime, I thought my life and my career were destroyed. Tom achieved the best possible result for me, and my life and career are again intact. I have a new appreciation for many things I once took for granted, and I will always be grateful to Tom for this.

Tom has been a highly respected attorney in the Reno area for many years. He works with the finest group of lawyers in the area. His support staff are highly competent and courteous. I was born in Reno myself and have lived here my entire life. I have had experiences with many attorneys in this area. Let me tell you that Tom, and his team, are the best. Tom was an outstanding prosecutor, and the “go-to guy” at the Washoe County District Attorney’s office for many years. The most notorious and difficult cases were always assigned to him. His commitment, professionalism and dogged persistence has carried over into his private practice. His intimate knowledge of the prosecutor’s office is invaluable. He is highly respected by attorneys on the other side of his cases, and by the judges he appears before. He treats everyone with courtesy and respect. I also know this from personal experience. Tom’s writing skills are magnificent and the logic of his legal arguments is unassailable. In my case, every single rock was turned over to expose flaws in the State’s case. Every single rock was turned over to demonstrate how my statutory and constitutional rights were violated.

Although his legal skills are no doubt formidable, the main reason why Tom is so highly respected is simply because he is honest and ethical. Tom Viloria took a personal interest in my case. He defended me to the best of his ability. If a judge or jury hears your case, they will see firsthand his heartfelt commitment, and it will affect their deliberation and their decision. Tom is also an outstanding civil attorney. I would trust Tom to handle virtually any type of case.

Believe me, it is rare to find an attorney as fearless as Tom is. Most lawyers avoid the courtroom, and many criminal attorneys seek plea bargains to avoid risk and work. Not so with Tom. Tom has been in the courtroom fighting for his clients his entire legal career. He will always advise you what he believes is in your best interest, and not his interest. Not all lawyers are like this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an attorney as unafraid of the courtroom as Tom Viloria is. After my experience, I often wonder how many people are sitting in jail or prison right now, their lives ruined, because they were not fortunate enough to have an attorney like Tom Viloria, and did not have the resources to fight the system.

If this review was a sworn affidavit, every word would be the same. I sincerely hope that someone who reads this review decides to hire Tom because of it, and that their lives will be saved too.

Former Client

“Outstanding, ethical, very well educated in all aspects of criminal law, and trustworthy.”

If you are looking for an outstanding, ethical, very well educated in all aspects of criminal law, trustworthy attorney, who treats your case and you as an individual, than Tom Viloria is the one for you. I have nothing but praise for Mr. Viloria and the excellent job he did in representing me during the most tragic and difficult time in my life. He treated my case and me with the utmost respect and kindness, making sure I was very well educated in each step of the process. Never once did I experience a lack of communication or the inability to get a hold of him, which is very critical in going through a criminal case. I had and still have full and complete faith in his abilities and skill as a criminal attorney, this is very important quality, especially as the client, I was not familiar with the system in which I found myself in. I would highly recommend Tom Viloria to anyone facing criminal charges and/or have had criminal charges that need to be readdressed. Tom Viloria treats your case and you like you are the only thing that matters. He fights until a successful outcome is reached.

Former Client