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Since 1998, the firm of Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. has been known for top-flight representation in criminal defense. Our Reno criminal defense attorneys have spent decades defending clients all over Nevada in a wide variety of crimes, from petit larceny to murder. Our team includes Attorney Thomas Viloria, who is one of the few defense lawyers who has been involved in 80+ homicide cases, including five cases with capital punishment hanging in the balance.

Together, they lead our small team of lawyers in representing a highly-limited caseload. The firm pools our experience and skill to provide our clients with high-level focus on their case. As a result, each of our clients benefit from the seasoned litigation offered by Mr. Viloria.

In other words, clients can rest easy after calling Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman, L.L.P. They know they’re in good hands.

Discuss your case with our team in a legal consultation. Schedule yours by calling (775) 210-8178 or contacting our firm online.

What Hiring Our Firm Will Get You

Developing a powerful defense requires thorough investigation. Our firm works with a team of forensic experts, state and federal investigators, and expert witnesses in order to testify to your innocence and preserve your freedom. Our experience in handling hundreds of criminal cases gives us insight into how judges, juries, and prosecutors think. We can anticipate strategy and develop a compelling case on your behalf.

If you’re facing the following charges, call our firm:

If you have been formally charged, it is vital that you speak with an attorney before speaking with the police or the prosecutors. Your own testimony, even innocently given, can be used against you. An attorney on your side would be able to speak on your behalf, ensuring that you do not incriminate yourself on accident.

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Client Success Stories

Our goal is to identify what our clients need and then do whatever it takes to give it to them. It’s that simple.