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Because it is considered a violent crime in Nevada, robbery is a serious offense—one that is often pursued zealously by Nevada prosecutors. If you have been accused of robbery, don’t face the charges alone. The Reno criminal defense attorneys at Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. will stand by your side throughout the entire legal process, building an effective defense against the accusations you face.

Our Reno criminal defense lawyers are seasoned trial litigators, with decades of experience handing hundreds of cases like yours. We thoroughly investigate each case with our vast amount of resources, made possible because we limit our caseload to provide you with more focus and attention.

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Robbery: A Felony Offense

In Nevada, the crime of robbery involves the taking of the property of another person through force or the threat of force. Robbery is always charged as a felony, and a conviction could result in long-term incarceration. If you are convicted of using a deadly weapon to commit a robbery, a prison sentence is mandatory.

Those convicted of robbery could be subjected to 2-15 years in state prison. If the robbery was committed with a deadly weapon, then judges can double the sentence—leading to decades of imprisonment. Our attorneys understand your freedom is on the line, which is why we pour all of our resources into tirelessly fighting on your behalf.

Potential robbery defenses include:

  • No proof of the use of force or threats of violence
  • Mistaken or concealed identity (many criminals employ masks to commit robbery)

In either of these cases, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant used threats of violence to rob the victim, or that the defendant was the one who committed the robbery at all. Our experienced Nevada defense attorneys can quickly identify the holes in witness testimony, effectively weakening the prosecution’s strategy in a variety of ways.

Consequences Beyond Prison Time

In addition to a potential prison sentence, a conviction for robbery carries a number of other long-term consequences. For example, those convicted will permanently lose a number of important rights, including the right to bear arms. A felony conviction can also make it more difficult to find employment in the future, leading to long-term financial difficulties.

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When faced with the serious consequences of a conviction for robbery, it is important that you work with experienced legal counsel. Our firm provides aggressive legal support, working relentlessly to challenge the prosecutor’s case and present effective counter arguments.

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