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In Nevada, alimony and spousal support are commonly confused by both laypeople and attorneys. Spousal support is the payment from one spouse to the other during marriage. As Nevada is a community property state, a spouse is entitled to one-half of the other spouses’ income from labor during the marriage—even after filing for divorce and before final dissolution of the marriage. Alimony is the obligation for payment to a former spouse after marriage, and it could affect your life for decades to come. If you’re facing a divorce, a skilled and experienced attorney could protect your rights and your future.

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Which Type of Alimony Applies in Your Case?

In Nevada, there are two types of alimony.

Rehabilitative alimony allows a spouse to get training or education in order to earn an equal or more equal income as the other spouse. Rehabilitative alimony must provide a time period when the recipient spouse must commence training or education related to a job, career, or profession.

Equitable alimony is the more common type of alimony; in Nevada, there is no formula for equitable alimony, and the Court looks to a list of common sense factors for duration and amount of alimony. The issue of alimony is generally one of the most complex issues in a divorce, as it involves many factors and whether a periodic or lump sum payment is preferable. Our firm has obtained large alimony awards and successfully defended alimony claims for our clients.

Because alimony is determined based on the circumstances of each spouse, changing circumstances may demand changes in alimony. It may be possible to modify both types of alimony, increasing or decreasing the obligation. However, if you do not act promptly, you may lose your right to seek modification of alimony.

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