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Divorce is the dissolution of a legally solemnized marriage—the state of Nevada does not recognize common law marriage. Although divorce involves all issues between married couples, the four most common issues are:

Divorces have the ability to be amicable and efficient, but they can also be drawn out—leading to high emotional and financial costs. Avoiding the pitfalls of a brutal and drawn-out divorce requires experienced attorneys. The Reno divorce attorneys at Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. pool our vast resources and experience in order to create the strongest possible outcomes for our clients.

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Dividing the Assets

Assuming neither type of agreement exists, Nevada is a community property state, which means that generally all property acquired by either spouse during marriage or debt incurred for the benefit of the community is jointly owned or owed by both spouses. With very few exceptions, all assets and debts are either community or separate. If an asset or debt is community, it is equally divided between spouses. If an asset or debt is separate, it is owned by or the obligation of one spouse.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

When dividing assets and debts, a couple can enter an agreement between themselves (either before or after marriage) that alters the standard of how assets and debts are divided. If the agreement is entered into before marriage, it is a prenuptial agreement. If the agreement is reached during marriage, it is a postnuptial agreement.

In order to be enforceable, the state of Nevada has specific legal requirements for both types of agreements. Our firm has extensive experience in creating, defending, and challenging both types of agreements in courts throughout Nevada, especially Washoe County.

Pre- and postnuptial agreements can help protect inheritances, provide for children from prior marriages, and smooth out the divorce process if spouses choose to dissolve their marriage. It is altogether a strong way to add financial security and clarity to a marriage.

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